End of Life Vehicles (ELV)

Bartlett's are authorised by the DVLA and the Environment Agency in accordance with the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (ELV) to recover, treat and recycle vehicles.

As a authorised treatment facilities we offer an effective solution to dealing with scrap cars, insurance write-offs, MOT failures and unwanted vehicles.

Scrap vehicle collection can be quickly arranged by us or deliver your old car directly to us.

Certificate of Destruction
A Certificate of Destruction (CoD) can be issued by Bartlett's to verify that a vehicle has been scrapped in a lawful and environmentally sound manner (Please note: that we only issue a CoD on request). Without proper de-registration the last owner could be fined under new laws on continuous registration.

If you do not receive a CoD within 10 days of disposing of your vehicle you should write to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BD to notify them that you have disposed of your vehicle.

Our ELV recycling services include:
  • Authorised and controlled treatment facilities
  • End of life vehicle de-pollution
  • Disposal and treatment of scrap metal
  • Assistance with Road Tax Authorities paperwork

We welcome all recycling enquiries from householders to large commercial organisations. Please contact Bartlett's for more information and to how we can help deal with the disposal of your vehicle(s). All we ask is that you remember to have your Vehicle Registration document with you when arranging collection or delivery of your vehicle.

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